Health is the state of mind and body. It is the status of he body being free from sicknesses and diseases. World Health Organization which is the body coverage on health, expatiate factors on health issues.

Statistics show that the average life span is 46 years and 52 years for men and women respectively in Nigeria as against 90 years in China due to various health deteriorating factors. The world of science today has it to say that 80% of diseases i caused by individual lifestyle and diet while 20% is hereditary.

At Suave Consult, we provide essential and basic health information from the stable of lifestyle and diet. This is executed through HEALTH PRESENTATION which is the dissemination of valuable, concise and precise information to audience in relation to their healthy living and lifestyle. Our aim and objective is PREVENTIVE and not CURATIVE. Prevention is BETTER and CHEAPER than cure. A healthy individual makes a healthy family leading to a healthy society.

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